How Lyko optimises reference checking at scale with Refapp

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Fast-growing beauty retailer Lyko conducts several hundred hiring processes each year. To manage the volume and ensure a fair, efficient, and data-driven recruitment, Lyko implemented digital reference checking with Refapp as part of their workflow. Dive in as Madeleine Tidehorn, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Lyko, shares her experience!

Spending time where it matters

As part of a team of three, Madeleine Tidehorn, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Lyko, supports managers in the recruitment process across all departments and throughout the company. 

"We have up to a thousand employees in total and growing. To make sure we spend our time wisely, we put a lot of emphasis on implementing systems and tools that can optimise the way we work, and help us make better decisions. This applies to all parts of our recruitment process, with reference checking being a key step that we always include".

Before digital reference checking with Refapp, Lyko experienced challenges with:

  • Spending too much time scheduling, managing and summarising phone calls. 
  • Difficulty in reaching references, especially for roles such as store personnel and the like, where the references rarely have time for a call during working hours. 
  • Lack of structure and control over which reference questions were asked in specific roles.

Streamlining recruitment with tools that work together

Since implementing Refapp in 2020, Lyko spends only a few minutes per reference check and typically has a completed reference report within 20 hours of initiating the check. The efficiency gains have not only reduced the time to hire, but also resulted in a more data-driven and objective assessment of candidates.

“By integrating Refapp with our recruitment system, Jobylon, we got a process that combines structure, objectivity, and efficiency. All while leveraging our existing workflow."

"With Refapp, we can manage references for a large number of candidates and still ensure an objective assessment of competencies and a smooth experience for us, the candidates and the referees.”

What Lyko values most with Refapp:

  • Seamless ATS integration 
  • Automated collection, reminders and professional reporting that helps decision making
  • Structured and unbiased process
  • Referees are required to verify themselves and Refapp notifies of suspected fraud  

“We initiate the reference check in Jobylon and Refapp starts collecting the candidate's references and sending out customised questionnaires. When the answers are submitted we get a link to the completed reference report that we can share with the recruiting managers. It's so easy and the insight we get is an important part of selecting a candidate that is a good fit for the position.”

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